Welcome to the Jungle

As you can see, we’re mid-demolition.


This messy, loud, crazy process is coming along quite well and we’ve enjoyed seeing old bank pieces come down and open spaces being formed.


Wide, open space = clean slate!

There aren’t very many open spaces like this in the downtown area. 

We realized that we much prefer this open space over cluttering it back up with walls and light features, desks, chairs, and all of the other items necessary for day-to-day early learning center operations.  If you take a look around the State Street area, there also aren’t many green spaces anymore.

We feel that we have the opportunity here to improve all of this.  We can give our children the new facility that we’ve promised them (and you!) while improving downtown greenspace.

We’re thrilled to announce our new
St. Martin Center Indoor Early Learning Rainforest.


This is simply a rendering as plans are not yet developed.

We’re so excited to offer our children and parents the opportunity to get “back to nature” instead of focusing on standards-based curriculum.  Our new Indoor Early Learning Rainforest will provide swamps to play in, trees to climb, and the occasional tarantula to dodge.

“St. Martin Early Learning Center has always prided itself on innovative learning techniques.  We feel it’s the right time to make the move from focusing on math and reading skills for children, kindergarten-readiness, and fine-tuning motor and language development skills and move toward quality rainforest play,” says David González, St. Martin Center’s Chief Executive Officer.

This new facility will offer thunderstorms at random intervals (to keep teachers on their toes); ropes to swing from tree to tree (we will forgo safety harnesses in order to keep the authenticity of the rainforest); and an array of rainforest animals including monkeys, toucans, lizards, and (pending funding) a jaguar or two.



Artist rendering as actual toucan refuses to pose for picture.

We would love for you to be a part of this exciting adventure in early learning rainforest fun.  Please consider a contribution toward umbrellas, galoshes, or kibble for the jaguar.

Checks can be made payable to St. Martin Center Indoor Early Learning Rainforest.  Please note “APRIL FOOLS” in the check memo.

We hope you enjoyed this bit of fun!  Please check out our *real* Friday blog post on demolition!